Carbon Management Services

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We help companies measure, reduce and offset their carbon emissions.


We calculate your organisational carbon footprint using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (a requirement of the Climate Standard), which ensures that your footprint is.


Once you understand your footprint, we help you identify places where it can be reduced. You'll be surprised how reducing a footprint can also save on unnecessary overheads.


As a last resort, and where reductions are not possible, we provide the ability for your company to offset some, or all, of its emissions. Offset components of your operations, or your whole organisation.

Rinse and repeat

We work with companies to do annual audits to continually monitor and evaluate their processes. Stakeholders are kept informed and new avenues for efficiency are elucidated.

Lifecycle analysis

Find out the full lifecycle footprint of a particular product from cradle to grave. Make your product competitive by showing its environmental credentials against competitors.

Custom software

We build custom monitoring and evaluation tools for specific products, whether for monitoring the ongoing footprint of a fish, or a kg of coal, or employee travel to and from work.

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About Us

Founded in 2008, we've got over 10 years of experience providing businesses in Southern Africa with carbon management services.

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