Most businesses operate with inefficient processes that produce unnecessary carbon emissions and avoidable costs. We work with organisations to identify areas in which emissions reductions and cost savings can be made. We typically work with clients to provide a range of solutions scenarios wtih different pay back periods to ensure that efficiency investments make financial sense. With our comprehensive reduction strategy your business will identify reduction opportunities, set targets and achieve them. Where necessary, specific online monitoring software is provided to assist with the process of tracking emissions and the costs associated with them.

Carbon emissions are expensive. You may be surprised to find out how much money you save with a comprehensive reduction strategy.

Common areas where savings can be made include:

  • Electricity: energy effcient appliances
  • Travel: car pooling, switch to biofuels, public transport
  • Work procedures and habits: changing wasteful and inneficient processes
  • Procurement: Sourcing goods and services from environmentally aware organisations


Climate Standard level 2 logo

Organisations that have set reductions targets and implemented a plan for achieving them are awarded Level 2 of the Climate Standard. As with Level 1, the license to use the CS logo includes support with wording advertising claims and public recognition in the Climate Standard registry.

climate standard level 3