We calculate your organisational carbon footprint using the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (a requirement of the Climate Standard), which ensures that your footprint is:

  • RELEVANT Appropriately reflects the GHG emissions of your business and the decision-making needs of inventory users.
  • COMPLETE Accounts for all emissions sources and activities within your chosen organizational and operational boundaries.
  • CONSISTENT Allows for meaningful comparison of emissions performance over time and clearly states any change to the reporting methodology.
  • TRANSPARENT Addresses all relevant issues in a factual and coherent manner, based on a clear audit trail. This step includes disclosure of any assumptions and cites the calculation methodologies used.
  • ACCURATE Strives for precise GHG calculations with reasonable assurance of the integrity of reported GHG information.

The Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) is the most widely used international accounting tool for governments and businesses to quantify and manage greenhouse gas emissions.

Climate Standard level 1 logo

Completing a carbon footprint with Climate Africa grants your business the first level of the Climate Standard. The CS license entitles you to use the logo in advertising media, to be listed in the registry website, and to obtain free advice on wording carbon related announcements.

Once your footprint is known, the next step is to examine ways of reducing it. We can help you develop comprehensive carbon management strategies, backed up by extensive monitoring procedures, to reduce your footprint and make energy cost savings. Find out more about reducing your footprint.

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