Somkhele reaffirms commitment to carbon program

posted on 2012-10-10

somkhele-reaffirms-commitment-to-carbon-program image

Congratulations to Somkhele mine for completing its 2012 carbon footprint, and achieving, once more, a Climate Standard Level 1 certification.

Somkhele this year increased anthracite output by some 16%. This increase came from work done in a new mining area, and emissions per ton of saleable coal were higher than for last year because significant overburden had to be removed from the new site. Emissions are expected to fall to baseline levels once the majority of overburden has been removed. Despite increases in emissions, Somkhele has a very low carbon footprint compared to similar mines in other regions of the world.

For the 2013 footprint analysis, Somkhele will be switching to our custom made carbon management software.