CardZapp creates carbon innovation

posted on 2012-01-16

cardzapp-creates-carbon-innovation image

An innovative new company, CardZapp, has just started offering a mobile app that sends e-business cards. Climate Africa have calculated the carbon, water and wood savings for each cardboard business card averted by customers who use the CardZapp app.

Maybe YOU should consider using this new innovative way of sending business cards to customers. Consider that you'll avoid having your business details lost in a sea of other business cards, or end up in the bin. Most importantly, you'll cut down on unnecessary waste. Remember, one tonne of manufactured card produces 4 tonnes of greenhouse gases and consumes hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. Every time you send an electronic card, you'll be helping to make your business that much more cost efficient and sustainable.

Climate Africa will be recommending the CardZapp app to its customers as one of a multitude of ways to reduce our clients' impact on the environment.

To find out more information about CardZapp, visit their website: