African Ascent Project measures carbon footprint

posted on 2011-08-01

african-ascent-project-measures-carbon-footprint image

As any climber knows, behind any successful expedition is a good team of porters. Unfortunately, the majority of porters working on mountains in Africa do so in substandard conditions. The porters are paid very low wages but accept the jobs because, for many of them, there are no other alternatives. Moreover, they are insufficiently trained in mountain safety techniques and due to their low wages cannot even afford the most basic climbing gear. There are currently in excess of 10,000 porters working on Mount Kilimanjaro alone.

The African Ascent Project (AAP) is committed to improving the working conditions and uplifting the lives of all porters working on African Mountains with a current focus on Mount Kilimanjaro.

Well done to African Ascent Project for taking responsibility for their carbon emissions.